Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Django Unchained": Thoughts (spoilers)

Firstly I will say that overall, I liked the movie and it was pretty great. Acting was GREAT! No hate towards Quentin Tarantino at all. I would watch it again.

However, I left that theatre confused and kind of upset.  Like it was very gruesome and there were parts of it that showed things I didn't even know happened during slavery. These were my initial thoughts while watching the movie and shortly after:

  • Mandingo Fighting.... this shit pissed me off to no end. The scene where Leonardo DiCaprio and the other white men were watching the two huge black men fighting each other until one of them pulls the other's eyes out of his eye sockets out and subsequently kills him with a hammer... That was difficult to watch. Not just because of the violence but because literally stripped them both of human dignity. Not to beat a dead horse but it sadly was also reminiscent of the NFL. White men on both sides who own these teams and play for a lot of money. Of course it's different...but the parallels are unfortunate.
  • Samuel L Jackson's character... also pissed me off. If I have one real criticism against the movie, and against Tarantino, it's the choice to even have this character a part of the movie at all. Don't get me wrong, SLJ did a phenomenal job. But why in every damn movie this Uncle Tom ass idiot gotta have a part? I just feel the Uncle Tom House Nigga is extremely overrepresented in slavery narratives. The way people have written it in stories, film, etc., it seems like for every Django there's at least 10 Stephens. And I can't and will never believe that. That's my opinion anyway. 
  • The Word "Nigga... I have used this word freely and and casually with "my niggas." But this movie honestly and truly made me question the usage. Nothing ever had before, so I guess that's a powerful thing that this film was able to do that. But seeing all those white and black folks in the film use it in ways that I have used it but against slaves--made me feel like I've been so disrespectful to use the word. There is no difference between the 'er' and the 'a.' I honestly feel like a clown. I don't know how long I will keep this up but I don't feel comfortable with the word at all.
  • Another reason the movie threw me off a bit was the fact that I was in a theatre with a bunch of white folks laughing TOO HARD at the WRONG DAMN THINGS. I felt so uncomfortable. Never again will I watch a comedic slavery western around the pale monkeys. 
  • Oh yeah, this shit made me white people. Not for real real hate, but you know... just more of the regular hate. 
  • The love story... Kerry Washington did seem like somewhat of a damsel in distress, but really she was a tough ass chick. And I loved that Django was the real hero of the movie. I loved seeing a black man with so much pride and bravery save a black woman he loved. 

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